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Leave the Feed Keynote

Are you looking to inspire a large group of people to Leave the Feed? This keynote speech covers the rise of social media, its impact on the mind, and why it's so hard to break free from the addiction. After covering the hard truths, we culminate the session with inspiration and helpful tips for participants to use social media as a tool, not a reality.

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The Mind and the Feed

This workshop covers how social media feeds affect our minds, leading to anxiety, depression, and addictive habits. Participants will learn simple methods to overcome destructive thoughts from the endless stream of content by redirecting their consciousness to sources of peace, joy, and inspiration that exist in the natural world.


Identity and the Feed

With all the investment in creating a constant stream of content for our social media feeds, we can lose track of who we are in the process. In this workshop, we educate participants on how social media profiles don't always portray reality, hurting our self-esteem. Then, we develop plans to reconnect with our true selves.


Embracing the Moment

When we reach for our phones to capture and share content while navigating life's experiences, it separates us from the moment. In this workshop, we educate participants on how to embrace all the moments we have in life by becoming active participants in them, appreciating the true nature of reality, and taking in what's right in front of us.


Human Connections

With so much time spent looking down at our phones, we've lost touch with how to have meaningful connections. In this workshop, we cover human communications principles, the importance of connecting with our inner circle, and how to navigate life with presence. It's time to stop staring down, look up, and learn to relate to with another again.

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